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C.E.O Desk
Our company is professionally managed. We are well versed in market and port trends, to ensure efficient coordination of activities. We believe in delegation of authority for prompt decision making and action.
Our team of dynamic executives revel in challenges, and are totally dedicated to your service. Equipped with everything that you need to grow from strength to strength.

Nowadays, with the dynamic growth of international trade, shipping goods around the world has become a far more complicated business. So much so, that the consequences of error in international transport can be difficult and costly to correct!

The experience and expertise found at Sun Freight International will help you minimize the risk in delivering your goods to your overseas customers. When you entrust your international shipping needs to Target, you are in very safe and competent hands.

As the CEO of Sun Freight International, I invite you to compare the professional quality of our services with others.
Nasir Saifee

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